Wisdom Knot works to increase self-exploration in inner city youth by engaging them in interactive initiatives to extend their relationship with the game beyond competition.


The idea for Wisdom Knot started as a deeply transformative experience I had in my own life. As a young athlete, I dreamed of playing professional sports and never expected my future to go any differently. The countless hours spent training and playing my sport didn't result in the path I expected, and that was a hard reality to deal with for awhile. Until I realized this didn't have to be the end of my dream, the athletes aren't the only ones doing interesting things in sports. There were other possibilities for me that leveraged the passion I had for the game. 


The Wisdom Knot symbol conveys the Ghanaian idea of “Nyansopo”, which translates to “a wise person has the capacity to choose the best means to attain a goal”.  Our programs aim to help kids understand the possibilities for their future careers and in the process, we help them along in their journey to self-awareness. That's where the magic happens because in all the tools, expertise, and learning we offer these kids in what's possible, we want to align our kids and our communities with their own power from within.

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Dr. Wendy Borlabi
CEO & Founder, Wisdom Knot

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